Manage your GitLab pipelines like a pro with R2Devops

Manage your GitLab pipelines like a pro with R2Devops

Writing and managing CI/CD pipelines shouldn’t be complicated and reserved to automation experts. But how do you lower the gap and enforce best practices?

R2Devops to the rescue!

R2Devops is a great solution to address this two concerns, by providing:
– full integration with GitLab
– a nice UI to greatly help the pipeline edition
– catalog management to enforce pipeline code reusability and encourage opensource/innersource approach
– a dashboard to quickly have an overview of all projects

Currently, it is limited to GitLab but GitHub’s integration should arrive soon and the company behind it is opened to any other integration (Azure DevOps, etc.).

From my experience as a DevOps auditor, there is always area of improvement regarding the pipeline management. I have seen many times the same bits of pipeline code (YAML) copied in many repositories which lead to complicated time to manage it and not enough time to produce high quality pipelines and collaboration inside the company.

I did a video (in French) to present it from scratch:

Have a try, it’s free to start with!

BTW: the team behind it is really cool and with a great mindset


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